Ministry Link

We at Web Merchants are very proud to add Ministry Link to our family.

Introducing Ministry Link, Communication technology to keep churches connected to their flock. We would like to thank Ministry Link for entrusting us with their digital marketing and web development needs. It is always great partnering with establishments who want to take their organisations to the next level of growth by maximising their online opportunities. Our aim is to successfully link our clients with their audience by providing a range of comprehensive online solutions from web to graphic design and much more. For instance, Ministry Link is web-based church admiration software to help churches stay connected to their congregation. The app’s features ranges from digitizing church directories (database creation), creation of personalised sms’s, informing congregants about church events and activities or just to creating awareness.

Ministry Link is a dedicated Christian Mobile App with the exclusive focus on your Church informing, involving and equipping your members through Notifications.

Inform | Involve | Equip

MinistryLink is an app for churches to convey messages through a sequence of groups within each church. For example, only the users belonging to the youth group will receive updates on youth group activities. This new will be split through a news channel a discussion channel and events channel. Approved group users will be able to chat to each other through the private chat platform.

We are pleased to have completed this project in a cost effective and timeous manner through systematic development processes.  We trust that the combination of interactive web design and intelligent technology will optimise the usefulness of the app and the growth of Ministry Link and its success.

Another successful project by Web Merchants!

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