Why Online Marketing?

We are often faced with the question, which marketing channel is the best to use to grow my company? This is a very important question that needs to be answered to ensure the growth and sustainability of every company. With a wide variety of marketing options available this could potentially become a very difficult question to answer.

Fortunately for us there has been a number of studies done that gives a good breakdown of what would be the best marketing option for us depending on what we want to achieve. We have compiled some information from studies done by Direct Marketing Association and GFK research to put it all in perspective.

Marketing in Numbers - Direct Mail

Although direct mail does offer a really good ROI, this is an option that is continuously declining and the turnaround time to see results of these campaigns are a lot longer than any other marketing option.

This option is quite an old method of marketing and although profitable it does not really have a place in the fast paced world we are currently finding ourselves in.

Television and Radio Commercials

Television and radio commercials are mostly used by large corporate companies and are primarily to build brand awareness as your return on investment for both option are negative which doesn't give you any financial for these marketing channels.

Telephone Marketing

Telephone marketing does have the highest success rate of all the marketing channels offered but because of the high overhead cost of this option and the limited about of reach of a telemarketer this option will only cover the costs incurred.

This option should only be used as customer support channel to ensure the longevity out of an existing customer base.

Printed Display Advertisement

Printed display advertisement has a huge variety of products ranging from magazine prints, street poles ads, billboards, banners at events, vehicle branding and many more. With this option offering a decent ROI it would still be a viable option for local marketing. With 65% of individuals going online to find products and services there is still a large part of the market that can be reached by this method of marketing.

Online Marketing

This brings us to the most profitable marketing option available. Online marketing. This option has varies segment which is email marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing and digital display advertisements. With email marketing offering the highest ROI this option is the most effective way of marketing.

To be able to reach the full potential of email marketing it as to be combined with social media marketing and search engine marketing to ensure a large and specific mailing list.

After establishing who your target market would be ranging from sex, age, location and hobbies a mailing list can be established according to the type of consumer that would give the best results for your marketing campaign. With comprehensive reporting structures that gives a variety of information from keyword monitoring, time based success rate, read report, link reporting ad many more, future campaigns will be more effective ensuring a higher ROI.

Web Merchants will incorporate all online marketing channels ensuring that you have the best possible chance to succeed and grow your company to the heights that you could only dream of.