Email Marketing is Good for Your Business

With email marketing being the marketing option that has the biggest return on investment it is very important to run effective campaigns that will lead the company growth. Establishing an effective mail list is something that grows over time and requires an extremely good reporting structure to assist with future campaign to increase the value that you receive from these campaign.

We at Web Merchants offers a comprehensive reporting structure that will assist in improving all future mail campaigns.

Interactive Graphs

Our interactive graphs show you how many emails were delivered, how many people opened your email, what percentage clicked, and more. View your list growth over time, see where in the world your subscribers are located, then track engagement by country. Find out what attracts people with our email click-map overlay.

Are the clicks mostly near the top? Do your subscribers like pictures or text links better? Learn from their habits, so you can better serve them.

Monitor Trends

Find out which email addresses bounced and why. Also find out who unsubscribed from your list, and we'll keep track of those email addresses so you don't accidentally add them to your list later.

We'll show you how you compare to other industry users, so you can gauge relative effectiveness with your competitors.

Subsriber Activity Reports

Dig even deeper with Subscriber Activity Reports, which give you a real‑time report for every subscriber's email activities: when they opened, what they clicked, and when they came back for more. You can even generate a list of people who didn't open, and send them a modified campaign.

View our social reports to analyse stats about how many people your email reached, and on what channels.

Revenue Reports

Online retailers can track sales from a click in your campaign, all the way to purchase. Find out which customers make a purchase (and what they buy) after opening your campaign. Our Analytics360 module allows you to pull stats from your website traffic tools directly into your campaign reports page. Analyse ROI, revenue created, and completed goals—all in one place.

Email Domain Performance

Find out how your campaigns are performing with particular domains, so you can see which ISPs your subscribers use most often and troubleshoot if you're getting blocked.

Comparitive Reports

Comparative reports give you the flexibility to customize the way you interact with your data and the power to explore subscriber behaviour. Aggregate and compare your campaign results to quickly analyse your performance over time.

Multivariate Testing

Test different products, buy buttons, subject lines, and other content—up to 8 different variations of a single campaign.