What is a Content Marketing Strategy (And Why Do I Need One?)

With traditional marketing tactics becoming less effective as the Internet breeds more self-guided buyers, content marketing has risen up to provide marketers with another way to engage with their target audience.

Rather than pushing out a one-size-fits-all message, content marketing allows you to give your audience tailored, relevant and meaningful information. It helps you build a trusting relationship with your audience–often times before they even become a customer.

But just because you do content marketing, doesn’t mean you’re doing it effectively. According to the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs annual research report, 55% of marketers said they didn’t know what content marketing success or effectiveness looked like. This is where a content marketing strategy can help you define a path to successful content creation.
But what is a content marketing strategy?
What is a Content Marketing Strategy?

A content marketing strategy provides you with answers to the why, who and how a content marketing program can achieve your business objectives. It’s your infrastructure. Your game plan. Your roadmap. It’s how you plan to help your customers solve their pain points through content marketing.

For example, your content marketing strategy will likely include some very important details about your customers, what you hope to accomplish with content marketing and how you plan on getting there. A successful content marketing strategy will be thoroughly integrated with your other digital marketing initiatives to create a cohesive experience for your customers across platforms.
Why Do I Need a Content Marketing Strategy?

Without a content marketing strategy, you’re throwing content into the world and hoping it sticks somewhere. With a strategy in place, you’re able to plan, produce, promote and measure the effectiveness of your content, and use that information to propel your efforts forward.

In order for you to measure the effectiveness of your program, your content marketing strategy needs to be documented. In the same annual report mentioned above, marketers with a documented content marketing strategy said they got better results from the content marketing tactics, social platforms and paid methods of content distribution that they used.

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