BluWave CRM Software involves using software to radically streamline all phases of the sales process, minimizing the time that sales staff require to spend on each phase. You can greatly increase the productivity of sales reps - and even do more with less sales staff using the BluWave sales software. The sales software uses a pipeline to track at what stage the opportunity is in the sales process. This is useful to forecast incoming sales revenue.

The BluWave CRM Software system revolves around a contact management component linked with a diary for scheduling appointments and things to do. BluWave CRM Software has the most comprehensive suite of CRM Software features for the price you pay.

BluWave CRM Software allows via the cloud for companies to create and track specific web activities that help develop the Customer relationship. These activities include such activities as tracking email conversations by customer, do web based email marketing promotions and automatic import of CRM Software leads from the Internet straight into the Application.

The results of applying CRM Software Tools are increased sales and reduced costs. A Harvard Business Review article cited increases in sales of typically 35% and cost reductions of 25% - adding a hefty profit to the bottom line. Customer Loyalty becomes entrenched resulting in a reduced cost of sales.

Performance Dashboard

View your sales environment at a glance

Most successful salespeople know that being organised when it comes to their lead prospects is a large part of converting those leads into paying customers.

Want to know exactly how you're progressing with your sales targets at any point in time? Our performance dashboard is a quick visual snapshot tracking your sales progress for any date range that you choose. No more missed opportunities or leads going cold because you've forgotten to follow up.

On the dashboard, you'll see a visual summary with easy-to-read charts and tables including things such as:
> Recent opportunities: new prospects that you've connected with.
> Activities: Any sales activity you've done recently, such as following up on prospects, issuing quotes or closing deals.
> Contacts and companies: These are people you've dealt with recently in your sales pipeline.
> Graphical "Funnel": this represents your sales pipeline, and includes new leads flowing into it.

Activity and Diary Management

Empower your staff with simple, efficient diary management

Our CRM package integrates with Outlook and most other web-based email and calendaring software such as Gmail. This means that you get holistic customer relationship management. There are no missed appointments for your sales team, no complicated merging of programs and no time wasting when it comes to diary management.

Here's how our Activity and Diary Management feature can help you:
> When an appointment is created in BluWave , a corresponding appointment is created in your emailing program.
> A meeting request is then generated and sent to the invitee, all in one streamlined process.
> You can also schedule your customer and prospect follow-ups using the Activity Management function.
> System manages daily, weekly and monthly views of each sales person's diary, so they are visible in one simple glance.

Opportunity Tracking

Define the future of your company with accurate sales forecasts and opportunity tracking.

Our Opportunity Tracking feature helps you manage new business acquisition and track your sales progress. Define your own business process and benefit from sales forecasts that are automatically generated by our intelligent system.

Using our Opportunity Tracking functions will help you:
> Ensure all sales enquirers are responded to rapidly and followed up effectively , rigorously and systematically
> Lock down your own sales forecasting process by successfully tracking the progress of your sales pipeline.
> Generate a new business forecast based on expected order dates and sales probability percentages.
> See the progress of each individual salesperson with a pipeline visual on their homepage. Additional graphing on their
dashboard will give you details of their progress against their target.
> Upload and link your tender or quote documents to each sales opportunity.
> Track conversion rates for opportunities and take corrective action based on past trends for lost deals.

Automated Quote Software

Improve your sales productivity by efficiently generating quotations

As a salesperson, one of your key tasks in converting a prospect into a paying customer is to provide accurate quotes quickly and efficiently. The faster you can get the quotes out, the quicker you can get a response from your prospects.

Our automated quotes software is the easiest and most efficient way to generate customer quotations. It also improves your productivity as a salesperson, as it initiates three processes with just one action required from you:
1. Creates the quotation document that can be emailed or printed for the customer in PDF format.
2. Automatically posts to your Opportunity Pipeline within the CRM system.
3. Generates a quote follow-up activity.

Other key features of our quotes automation module include:
> Upload and update multiple products and pricing from an Excel file.
> Pricing features: Include cost and selling prices, product codes and descriptions, product narratives, pictures and
more. You can also store customer contract pricing that defaults onto individual customer quotes.
>Multiple price lists can be stored and customers flagged for the appropriate price list – this integrates to Pastel
multiple price lists.
> Track quotes easily and simply: Each quote sent is automatically filed into the document management storage area
of BluWave CRM, and in the activity history of the customer with a link to the quote document.
> A quote approval process: This can be activated where sales staff vary their selling prices.

Customer and Contact Management

Your customers are where you derive all your value as a business. But without proper customer relationship management, you could miss out on leads or lose loyal clients.

The Companies and Contacts database lets you store and manage all your customers and prospects in one place. Not only that though. It also helps you segment them into types, industries, areas and groups, making the work your sales force or customer services team puts in that much more targeted.

We also know that no two businesses are alike. With the Bluwave system, you get User Defined Fields, allowing you to customize the system to your needs.

Using our Customer and Contact Management module will help you to:
> Organize your existing and potential customers by type, industry, area and group.
> Tailor make the system for your business with our User Defined Fields.
> Store any number of contact people per customer.
> Allocate your customers to your branches, as well as specific sales staff within your branches.

Lead Management Software

Manage leads efficiently with our leads management software

Managing leads effectively can be the difference between closing a deal and losing one. With our leads management software, enquiries coming into your website can be pushed directly into the BluWave CRM system for your salespeople to deal with.

With this leads management software module, your salespeople will see new leads on their home page whenever they open the CRM system. Once the leads have been actioned by a salesperson and qualified, they are then transferred automatically to the CRM database for further processing. Your sales team can then use this database for outbound canvassing to process leads before sales qualification.

In addition to importing leads directly from your website's enquiry functionality, our software can also store leads that are imported as lists.

Automatic Push Reports

Keep track of your team’s sales progress

Our automated CRM push reports are both dynamic and proactive, meaning you can schedule them to be automatically sent to you as often as you like. They allow sales teams to receive regular sales progress statistics, and they let managers view detailed performance statistics for their whole team.

Within BluWave CRM, the push reporting system can generate graphs showing the following sales statistics:
> Number of new enquiries
> Number of quotes issued versus a target number of quotes for a month
> Number of sales versus a target number of converted opportunities per month
> Sales forecast value in the pipeline versus the targeted monthly turnover from new business
> Conversion rate of quotes to sales as a percentage

There are currently five key graphs that can be requested at different user access levels. You can view these statistics by company, branch or user, and at any specified frequency.

Our Automatic Push Reports are the best way to keep on top of your sales team’s performance and ensure that they are meeting and even exceeding targets.

Document Management

Store all your sales documents in one convenient place

Our Document Management software stores all the marketing paperwork that your sales team uses to send to customers, including brochures, specifications, images and more. Once these documents are uploaded into the BluWave CRM server, your sales team can use them in several ways: they can email them to customers from within the CRM software, or they can attach them to quotations prepared in the automated quotation module.

An extra benefit is that if salespeople prepare customer proposals or quotations outside of the BluWave CRM system, they can store these in a private “Quotes” folder within the system and can continue using them with other parts of the software.

Our Document Management helps make the sales process more streamlined and organised, ultimately increasing the productivity of your salespeople.

Customer Conversation Tracking

Track email and telephone conversations with your customers

As a salesperson, you’ll know that it often takes multiple follow ups to convert a cold lead into a hot one, and from a hot lead into an actual customer. The more prospects you have though, the trickier it can be to keep track of where you are with each one.

With BluWave's customer conversation tracking software, you can keep accurate track of all email and telephone conversations you have with your prospects. In this way, you can pick up exactly where you left off each time you speak to them.

Our customer and contact management software will enable you to:
> Organise your companies by type, industry, area and group.
> Customize the system for your business with User Defined Fields.
> Store any number of contact people per customer. You can also allocate customers to your branches, as well as
specific sales staff within your branches.
> Sync with Microsoft Outlook to keep a trail of conversations via email by customer and by contact in your CRM